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Exciting new mobile marketing platform – VMob

Occasionally a piece of marketing technology genuinely impresses me. This past week I got to view a demonstration of VMob – a real-time mobile marketing platform who are partnering with us at CACI. If a picture is worth a 1,000 words, a video must be worth far more so this is their case study from work undertaken with McDonalds in the Netherlands.

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Business Model Canvas and Customer Empathy Map Templates for PowerPoint

Marketing is not advertising. Read more ›

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Sad but predictable: The demise of HMV

Tight aisles. Stacks of DVDs and CDs. Permanent discounts. When I think of HMV, this is what comes to mind. It is a retail experience I dread as an adult. As a teenage I loved it though, we would go in between lectures and browse the newly released singles that we’d heard on Radio 1. Read more ›

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5 marketing lessons from Warren Buffett

1. A truly great business must have an enduring “moat” that protects excellent returns on invested capital

Product/service design, communications and strategy should build a moat for your business. By definition a moat offers protection in the form of a competence that is unique, difficult to copy and gives you competitive advantage.

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Key marketing budget and b2b marketing insights

  • Digital marketing is key growth area with 68% of businesses planning on increasing their digital spend
  • 79% of these companies will increase the spend on digital marketing by 10%
  • Digital activities account for 36% of marketing budgets
  • Shortage of digital marketing staff is preventing organisations from harnessing digital
  • Mobile is at a tipping point
  • For B2B marketers – trader shows/conferences, print advertising and telemarketing are top 3 activities. Search marketing is the first digital activity and is 4th
  • The top digital activities are search marketing, website, and then email
  • Search marketing and webcasts are the most engaging forms of B2B marketing
  • Online Forums are being neglected but could offer valuable engagement with buyers

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Omnichannel Retailing for Digital Marketers

Explaining the What, Where, When, Who and Why of Omnichannel

Ecommerce. M-commerce. F-commerce. Social-commerce. Every letter imaginable has been dropped in front of commerce to define a new digital channel that customers can interact and transact with.

Demonstrating the way in which digital marketing is maturing there’s a new buzz word on the consultants’ lips – Omnichannel. Retailers who used to obsess over sales per square foot need to wake up to the fact that their entire operation needs to be available 24×7 via any means the customer has. Troubles at Blacks, Barratts, Woolworths and HMV are a strong warning to retailers that unless they radically rethink the way that customers interact with them; they’re dead.

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Market Planning Case Study: Formula 1 Autocentres

I’m very critical of the marketing I see, but then every now and again I see something that makes me feel that an organisation just gets it. Read more ›

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