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The case for outsourcing your marketing technology challenge

You may have been led to believe that investment in marketing technology will solve all your problems. Self-learning, AI based, flexible data-models, machine learning, blockchain compatible, Big Data enabled tech appears at face value to offer everything you need with …

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Getting excited about GDPR

GDPR is far from perfect. The current guidelines are vague and at worst confusing. However I think that this new regulation (and the heavy fines that accompany it) offer a great platform for investment in amazing CRM activity. For the …

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Mobile only strategies may be harming your business

Channel Strategy: Mobile first but not mobile only

“These findings suggest that managers should avoid overextending into mobile channels and instead seek to maintain a balance across different online channels” is the conclusion of new research reported by Marketing Science Institute.


Email; it’s time to seriously invest in this overlooked channel

Email is a channel that Warren Buffett would invest in!

Big Data, where's the value?

Big Data: Finding the incremental value

I recently spoke at a conference on the topic of Big Data. In preparation I asked my contacts for their opinions on the topic. I also read a mountain of academic papers, business articles and a new book on the …

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Accelerating business growth

How to accelerate business growth

Business growth creates complexity. Complexity kills growth. This is the paradox of growth which, over the long run, affects the growth ambitions of 90% of companies. In this post I’ll review new research on the ways to identify and resolve …

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Confirmation bias in consultancy

Checking your thinking: Confirmation bias in consultants

You’re certain that you’re right…but are you? Confirmation bias in consulting can lead to poor decision making, incomplete analysis and a failure to deliver value to your clients. Checking your thinking is a crucial step to getting rid of confirmation …

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The four uses of data (big or small)

Describing. Diagnosing. Predicting. Prescribing. These are the four main uses of data. As a consultant you need to understand the difference.

Hacking Marketing Book Review

Book Review: Hacking Marketing

Scott Brinker’s Hacking Marketing is a must read for those involved in marketing.

CPD for digital consultants

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) ideas for digital consultants

All types of business consultants need to take continuing professional development (CPD) seriously. This post contains a list of ideas that you can apply.