Connecting the Cloud – Zapier as a Marketing Integration Layer

Connecting the Cloud – Zapier as a Marketing Integration Layer

It’s my opinion that technology is still too complex. Sure at the consumer layer there are simple apps that even my youngest daughter can use. But on the whole, implementing business systems and marketing technology is hard work. One of the most challenging tasks remains integration of systems. There is however an emerging market of vendors looking to resolve these issues for businesses – one such SaaS product is Zapier.

Similar to IFTTT (If This Then That), Zapier connects many cloud services by integrating with their API. Zapier’s strength lies in the wealth of SaaS based products you can connect with. Particularly B2B based applications like Salesforce, Trello, Twitter, Dropbox and GoToMeeting. As an ex-techy I was impressed by the ability for it to integrate with MySQL databases and Amazon Web Services. There are some powerful use cases that could be rolled out.

For this blog I’ve created two Zaps. The first automates the reposting of my blog post a week after the original post following advice from KissMetrics on how to double social media traffic. The second Zap automatically replies with MailChimp to messages I receive requesting a free copy of the All Channel Excel file. Other Zaps I’m considering are automated feedback emails and surveys to better engage with my subscribers.

Not Quite Marketing Orchestration

Whilst the technology is relatively low cost, it doesn’t quite live up to the standard of Marketing Orchestration Platforms. It lacks real-time capabilities (Zaps run on 15 or 5 minute batch schedules) and there isn’t a complex decisioning engine that I’d expect from the likes of Provenir.

So whilst Zapier may solve some small integration issues for you, there is still more that an enterprise Marketing Orchestration Platform can do.

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