A smaller agency focussed marketing cloud

A smaller agency focussed marketing cloud

While the big boys like IBM, Adobe and Oracle have been hoovering up marketing technology platforms to create their own complete marketing suites, the smaller nimbler software providers have joined forces to create a marketing cloud for agencies. MailChimp, Unbounce, HootSuite and Freshbooks have built a single proposition called JustAddTalent.

Unbounce provides the capability to create landing pages. HootSuite enables an agency to manage multiple social media profiles. MailChimp sends emails. The final component FreshBooks then enables the agency to bill for all the time spent. One of the big areas missing from the suite is CRM but I’d imagine that a SaaS based CRM could easily slot in with each of the tools. Of course each of these marketing tools could be connected with a marketing orchestration platform or integrated with Zapier.

The joined up marketing initiative is available at http://www.justaddtalent.com/

Whilst the suite will be limited in functionality when compared Adobe, IBM or Oracle, it’s a good starting point for small or mid sized agencies (or even independent contractors). Personalisation and real-time campaigning will be unlikely with the Just Add Talent suite. Ultimately the strength will come in the pricing where the difference is likely to be significant.

Overall what impresses me is the way these very capable providers have come together in partnership to shape a proposition that works for a specific client set.


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