Lego: The building blocks of next generation high street retail

Lego: The building blocks of next generation high street retail

Lego can only win in the new multichannel world. They have a great core product that remains as popular with kids and big kids as it did 10 years ago.

To support this great brand, they’ve started opening retail stores and it was my pleasure to spend some time recently in their Sheffield store. I went in with my daughter and we looked around, she played with a tub of bricks that was free for people to build things with. The experience became amazing though when one of the staff approached us and offered my daughter a small lego set. “Would you like to build this with me?” he asked. For 10 minutes or so David helped her build a small igloo set and then packed it up in a bag to take home.

It was an experience we enjoyed and now my daughter wants a Lego set for her birthday.

Lego will continue to win in the retail space for the following reasons:

  1. They have engaged staff who love the product and who are empowered to create retail experiences through free mini Lego sets
  2. They are insusceptible to showrooming: Regardless of where I buy a Lego set, Lego will make a margin
  3. They have great core products that have been loved by generations
  4. They continue to innovate their product offering

Apple did it successfully and now Lego have. The question is whether the transformation of the high street will continue towards manufacturer-brand showrooms as opposed to buyer-retailer stores.

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