SXSW Day Four: Would I go again?

SXSW is difficult to summarise. It is equally brilliant and frustrating. On the one hand you can learn about cloud architecture from Amazon’s CTO or open web standards from Tim Berners-Lee. On the other, you can queue with 300 people to stroke grumpy cat (seriously this happened).

What made the event for me was the content and the people. Everyone was so open for networking and it was great to spend time chatting with digital experts from Forrester, Lego, the US Air Force and Walmart. It was also great to make friends and socialise with those from start ups like the amazing Kashoo who provide cloud based accounting software.

There are a whole host of cool tech companies I now need to pick up discussions with, but for now their names are between me and Capgemini.

Same time next year guys?

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