Top five channels that must be in your multichannel strategy

Top five channels that must be in your multichannel strategy

Having 126 channels to choose from gives marketers a real challenge when it comes to selecting which channels to select. Each channel has unique attributes that will determine its value to the customer and therefore your business. Based on my analysis of these 126 channels there are five channels that must be considered.

Each channel was analysed for it’s ability to personally reach, inform, sell to and serve customers. These attributes were then considered against the relative cost of the channel to provide the Sealey Channel Index (a value out of 10 representing the channel’s value).

This analysis provided the following channels that are essential considerations for marketers.

1. Apps for mobiles, tablets, consoles, computers and wearable tech

When designed well, apps can provide access to all sales and operational aspects of your business. Another powerful capability of apps is their ability to jump from the app to a phone call or the web.

2. Stores, pop-up stores and concessions

Whilst traditional stores/branches/offices are a major capital expense for businesses, the physical building enables your staff to connect with, serve and sell to the customer directly. Concessions and pop-up stores are a cheaper option that can provide the same thing.

3. Websites and mobile websites

There’s no denying that websites and mobile websites have been massively disruptive. The web’s success is based on it’s ability to create an easy to use, interactive channel to businesses.

4. Partner sales

For growing businesses with great product, partner led sales and delivery provides a low-risk channel to connect with customers. The model works well for B2B product businesses and manufacturers.

5. Field sales agents

Whilst this channel may seem outdated, with the right training, people and technology support field sales agents can be powerful method of connecting with new customers.

Get the full list of channels

You can download the full list of 126 channels from this blog.

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