SXSW Day One: Gamification, Enterprise Mobility and Nice People

SXSW started today and as a first timer I found the day somewhat frustrating and confusing. Everything was too busy. I couldn’t get into presentations and the weather was abysmal. That all turned around when the afternoon started. I managed to get into some amazing sessions and went for a meal with some great people I’d only just met.

Here’s a run down of today’s highlights:

Apps for the Enterprise

The enterprise is becoming consumerised. BYOD is creating a need for organisations to provide secure enterprise ready apps for smart phones and tablets that employees can use to improve their performance. Ultimately this could improve the top line but on the whole serves primarily to improve the bottom line profitability through efficiency gains.

The view of the panelists was very much that if big businesses don’t provide the apps, employees and the private sector will circumvent policy and find a way round it.

Stat of the session: The average Fortune 500 employee has 3.5 devices.

Gamification and Big Data

A very sensible discussion on Gamification and Big Data. Whilst the title was very buzz word oriented, the content was superb. Key points:

  • Gamification should improve lifetime value. Lifetime by constantly engaging the customer. Value through the reinforcement of desired behaviours
  • A strong value proposition should be at the core of Gamification. What do user/customers want?
  • Identifying situations where Gamification shouldn’t or couldn’t be used is impossible. Military ranks and medals are the earliest example of applied Gamification

Shout outs

It’s been awesome to meet and spend time talking tech, marketing and business with some great people:

  • The team from Kashoo
  • M2O’s CEO Bradley
  • CEO of Tracx Eran
  • Walmart Canada’s Social Media Manager

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