DBRU: Growth hackers, dead squirrels, best practice and vagueness from IBM

DBRU: Growth hackers, dead squirrels, best practice and vagueness from IBM

Having caught up on Twitter, LinkedIn and Alltop, I thought it would be worth providing a list of some of my favourite articles today. Is there anything I’ve missed?

Growth hackers – just admit it. You’re really a marketer

Does a little bit of you die inside when someone refers to themselves as an SEO/PHP/Ruby/Pizza Ninja? Me too. So I really enjoyed this post by LayeredThoughts on the new must have job title in start-up-ville 2.0.

“Growth Hacking” is BS…It’s All Just Marketing

Rand Fishkin’s follow up is also well worth a read:

Growth Hackers: The Ninja Rockstar Pirates of the Marketing World

Conversations with a dead squirrel about premium pricing

My headline is a little misleading but if Inc, Econsultancy, Fast Company and HBR can get away with it so can I. If you can’t be bothered to read Neil’s post; the principle is to sell the solution or the idea rather than the product or components. E.g. sell an online customer acquisition system that will increase sales by 1,000% rather than selling a web developers time for 6 weeks.

What A Dead Squirrel Taught Me About Premium Pricing

Really good digital marketing practices from Dr Dave Chaffey

The post claims that they’re best practices. Best implies that they’re as good as they’ll ever be so I prefer to call them really good practices instead. Either way it’s not worth splitting hairs over as this slide deck by Dr Dave is worth reviewing.

Digital marketing “really good” practices

IBM Marketing Center: I’ve no idea what it is, but it could be really good!

IBM have released a new tool that sounds awesome. Like a sophisticated multichannel Hubspot or Pardot for the enterprise. However the details are somewhat sketchy right now and the feature list is followed by a disclaimer stating that IBM may not release everything promised on the page. However if IBM have managed to integrate Coremetrics and Unica neatly, this could be a major game changer for multichannel campaign management solutions. Of course it could all be vaporware in which case you never heard about it from me.

IBM Marketing Center

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