The five reasons why I joined CACI

The five reasons why I joined CACI

October has been a month of change. After just over two years at Capgemini I decided to make the move to join CACI as their Head of Digital Consulting. Given that I’m quite outspoken about digital marketing and business I think it’s worth highlighting what it was that attracted me to this new the new role and organisation.

1. CACI have huge amounts of customer marketing experience

Customer oriented marketing and next best action is a trendy topic right now and a lot of consultancies and agencies want to jump on the band wagon. CACI have been on the band wagon for quite some time now.

You name it and they’ve probably done it. Single customer views? Yep. Unica implementation and run? Yep. Neolane install and optimisation? Yep. Cross channel campaign planning and execution? Yep. FastStats installation and analysis? Yep. Discovering value in the customer base? Yep.

So for me it was a real opportunity to work with a team of experts who possess real experience in helping big consumer facing organisations have meaningful marketing communications.

2. Data is in CACI’s DNA

CACI’s heritage is in data services. Many people have either used or heard of ACORN – the consumer classification data set. CACI has also extended this experience into location planning services.

I have joined CACI’s Integrated Marketing Group where the rich data heritage lives on. Rather than just dream up wacky marketing ideas, the team works with real customer and business data to help plan out marketing campaigns and business changes that will deliver a predictable ROI.

This process of bringing greater data analysis into marketing strategy sits very well with me.

3. CACI can build integrated customer experiences in house

Recently CACI launched the Integrated Customer Experience Report with Econsultancy. The report finds that whilst 90% of companies want to provide an Integrated Customer Experience only 20% actually have a strategy to do so.

CACI can truly build all of the facets of an integrated customer experience. It’s not just marketing spin.

In my opinion this makes them very unique. I’ve worked with many organisations who could do one facet very well. For example an agency might be great at creative design and website development but have limited data and integration capabilities. Again another organisation might be excellent at systems implementation and integration but not be able to plan campaigns.

CACI can select the technology, analyse the customer base, integrate business systems, design the web and email experience, execute the campaigns and help transform your organisation to be better at reaching customers.

4. They do the right thing for their clients

One thing that came out loud and clear during the interview process is that CACI do the right thing for their clients. This sits very well with my ethics about business services and consulting.

So far I’ve seen this characteristic in all of CACI’s team, many of whom have served their clients for decades rather than years.

5. Good clients and a strong conservative growth record

Finally, CACI is a secure business with a track record of steady, profitable growth. This growth has been based on work for an incredible range of customers across consumer brands, banking and financial services, retail, leisure, charities and telco providers.

CACI also have a rapidly expanding range of services across traditional – and still important – marketing channels (direct, call centre) and new digital channels (web, mobile and social). I’m excited to be part of the businesses growth.

Can I help?

If you’re facing challenges around the integration of customer marketing/experience or are looking for an integrated agency to help improve your marketing communications, get in contact with me.

David Sealey is a trusted adviser to senior executives on getting the most from their investment in digital and data. David created Storm81 as a place to share his passion for business, digital technologies, multichannel marketing and everything else around these topics.

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