46 Shades of Digital

46 Shades of Digital

With the ever increasing focus on digital there is a new vocabulary developing. The following 46 digital phrases have sprung up in research papers and blog posts:

  • Digital Acceleration; increasing delivery of business change through the use of digital technology or techniques
  • Digital Advantage; the state of having an advantage over your competitors through digital technology and business models
  • Digital Advertising; reaching new audiences through advertising on digital channels
  • Digital Agency; a creative and technical agency that provides services and solutions to help an organisation find, convert and retain customers
  • Digital Agenda; the strategic questions a business must answer in order to define their digital vision and strategy
  • Digital Business; a business that has been transformed digitally
  • Digital Business Model; a business model that is delivered or enabled largely through digital channels
  • Digital by Default; criteria set as part of the Government Digital Standard designed to ensure that all digital services meet specified criteria
  • Digital Champions; individuals appointed by EU member states to promote digital skills and inclusion
  • Digital Connector; segment of companies/leaders who have focussed on creating separate silos of digital capability
  • Digital Consultant; individuals or companies who help businesses define and deliver their digital strategy
  • Digital Content; any form of content that is stored and consumed in a digital format (e.g. MP3)
  • Digital Culture; a business culture that is shaped by digital
  • Digital Customer Experience; customer experiences that are both delivered through and improved by digital
  • Digital Currency; method of monetary exchange that exists purely in digital form (e.g. BitCoin)
  • Digital Debt; problems created by shoddy digital implementation that create a loss in business value or a real expense to fix
  • Digital Divide; in social studies, the division created by lack of access to digital technology. In a business sense it may refer to the divide created by a digital advantage
  • Digital Dots; all of the digital touch-points within an organisation that require connecting
  • Digital Dinosaurs; businesses that have failed to embrace digital or even consider it
  • Digital Disruption; the industry state of being disrupted by a new, innovative business that has heavily relied on digital to gain an advantage
  • Digital Economy; an entire economy created and sustained by digital
  • Digital Edge; similar to digital advantage – a tangible business benefit of having a good digital customer experience or sound digital operations
  • Digital Enterprise; see Digital Business
  • Digital Fashionistas; used to describe businesses with several disconnected digital initiatives that are not necessarily governed through a central strategy
  • Digital Footprint; the size and shape of digital operations within a business
  • Digital Imperative; the reason for digital
  • Digital Innovation; an R&D function to create new business models, improve customer journeys or streamline business efficiency
  • Digital Labs; an R&D function or structured workshops to define a digital vision/strategy
  • Digital Leadership; the desirable position of holding a perceived position of knowledge and operational leadership over industry peers
  • Digital Literacy; the skills sat behind digital development and operations
  • Digital Marketing; acquiring new customers and retain existing customers over digital channels
  • Digital Master; a business with strong digital operations that has established an integrated digital customer experience
  • Digital Mindset; the culture and thought processes of business stakeholders who have embraced digital
  • Digital Native; someone who has grown up with digital technologies
  • Digital Nervous System; a real-time business system capable of responding to new input
  • Digital Nomad; someone who has migrated into digital
  • [Chief] Digital Officer; a job role to take charge of the digital strategy and its execution
  • Digital Operations; business operations to run, monitor and improve digital solutions and processes
  • Digital Readiness; an assessment of how ready a business is to take on the digital challenge
  • Digital Roadmap; the programme plan to transform a business digitally
  • Digirati; see Digital Master
  • Digital Strategy; the strategic paper that sets the direction for digital within an organisation
  • Digital Traction; achieved by winning stakeholder support for digital investment in a business
  • Digital Transformation; typically the transformation of business operation into an automated internet based operation
  • Digital Vision; a simple statement that sets the tone for the Digital Strategy and Roadmap
  • Digitization; the ongoing process of digital transformation

Can we get the list to 50 phrases?

If I’ve missed any phrases, then please let me know on Twitter or in the comments.

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