DBRU: What’s your PVP?

DBRU: What’s your PVP?

Today’s daily blog round up includes:

  • Whilst I was starting my career in the web, Jeff Bezos was busy building Amazon
  • PVP!? What it is, why you need one and how to create it
  • Facebook is stalking everyone across the web – be afraid, be very afraid

Jeff Bezos on long-term vision, chasing opportunities and growing Amazon

A great Forbes article on how Jeff has shaped and executed Amazon’s long-term vision. It seems that from the beginning he knew where the internet was going. My quote of the article was:

We’re willing to plant seeds, let them grow—and we’re very stubborn. We say we’re stubborn on vision and flexible on details.

– Jeff Bezos, CEO Amazon

Full interview and the 6 things Jeff Bezos knew

Building a Personal Value Proposition

What do you do? It may seem an innocuous question but its a key one.

Describing myself as “a consultant that helps large businesses unlock greater value from online marketing activities” is far more powerful than “I work with computers”. Understanding the value we deliver is a powerful way of focussing our work and conversations.

Full article at http://blogs.hbr.org/cs/2011/11/a_value_proposition_for_your_c.html

 Facebook reveals how it tracks people across the web

Website owners are installing Facebook like, share and join widgets on their sites like there’s no tomorrow.

After all, Facebook provides access to 500 million web users. The scary part is that everytime we visit a site with these features Facebook can track us.

Combined with the details that we’ve willingly handed over about ourselves, Facebook could be the greatest consumer profile database ever!



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