Your favourite posts of 2014 revisited

Your favourite posts of 2014 revisited

By dividing the page views of each post by the number of days since it was published I’ve been able to work out which posts of 2014 were your favourites.

Finding the UK’s Digital Leaders


My analysis of digital leadership among UK listed companies based on an MIT theory was the leading piece of content. The first post in the two part series was a deconstruction of MIT’s research on the benefits of digital leadership. Having explored how their work could be reverse engineered, I then conducted a breakdown of each industry’s digital leaders.

Ultimately the theory proved correct by identifying companies like Apple, Facebook and Burberry as a Digital Leaders. However some that you’d expect to be in the digital leaders quadrant ended up in the beginners segment. Amazon was a great example of a company that should be considered a digital leader but has instead fallen into the ranks of a beginner. Perhaps their aggressive expansion strategy has killed the revenue and profit benefits of being a digital business.

Next step is to take the post further by researching the shareholder returns that digital leaders have delivered to see if a digital leaders investment portfolio would be a good bet.

Marketing Orchestration Platforms


This next post on marketing orchestration platforms was inspired by my work with Kitewheel (nee Provenir). Kitewheel’s technology allows marketers or customer experience professionals to respond in real-time to customer events. Some of my colleagues have referred to it as marketing middle-ware.

11 Years of Marriage: Have fun, manage the money and live by virtues

An off topic post that was very popular with my social networks. It was my advice following 11 years of marriage. Couples should have fun, manage their money and live by virtues of fidelity, selflessness, forgiveness, respect and personal improvement.

Digital Strategy – Why your company needs one


The first part in a series all about digital explaining why businesses need a digital strategy. In the post I draw out four benefits of having a digital strategy. These are the ability to filter what opportunities you go after, to prioritise, to focus on the creation of a core technology platform and to make individuals and teams accountable.

What do you want to see in 2015

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