The Disney brothers knew how to create jobs

The Disney brothers knew how to create jobs

Roy and Walt have created 66,000 jobs in Walt Disney World Resort alone. The Walt Disney Company employs a further 90,000 across the world. Quite incredible for a company that’s less than 100 years old and was founded by just two brothers.

What made their partnership work was their mutual skill sets. Walt was the creative dreamer who had a vision. Roy was the businessman and financier. Absolute trust then existed between them to turn Walt’s vision into a thriving business. Two T-Shaped individuals overlapped their skills to become a successful U-Shaped partnership.

Individuals need to recognise their weaknesses and partner up with the right people. Partnering up with someone just like you might help you to click. To be the best we need co-workers and partners who empower and challenge us to achieve more.

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