Improve your customer experience by breaking down silos

Improve your customer experience by breaking down silos

Last week I released a blog post and spoke at the Planning Forum’s annual conference. In both settings I challenged the audience to break down silos to improve the customer experience. A tough challenge.I fear that my comments may offend, but nevertheless there is a pervasive victim mentality appearing across teams and individuals responsible for delivering the customer experience. Marketing is a victim of IT. Who in turn are victims of finance. Contact centre are victims of both groups.

Susan Jeffers’ seminal classic, Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway, suggested that people can move from victim by shifting their actions and thinking. The shift was described as being from pain to power.

My advice is that if you have a desire to improve your company’s customer experience, move from pain to power. Stop complaining and start collaborating. Stop finding fault and start finding solutions. Make compromises. Stop playing politics. Choose to let go of lose some of your power in order to win for the customer.

You can read the original Econsultancy post here: Customer Experience Issues? I Blame Legacy Systems



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