Marketing automation score

Use the table below to work what your marketing automation score means:

[tabs tabs=”0-50,51-100,101-150,151-200″] [tab title=”0-50″] Sorry but you’re not yet ready for marketing automation. First step for your firm is to focus on building an understanding of your customer, developing a library of sales content and building processes that help your customers buy from you. [/tab] [tab title=”51-100″] Your firm now needs to build out from this base level to create a better understanding of the customer and the reason they buy. Work on your marketing materials and processes to ensure that you’re ready to implement marketing automation. [/tab] [tab title=”101-150″] It’s time to get started with marketing automation. Using what you know about the customer and the buying cycle, continue refining your content and plans. Select a technology vendor that will allow you to grow your processes. [/tab] [tab title=”151-200″] Your firm is in a great position to profit from marketing automation technology. You should spend plenty of time investigating the different technology providers out there to ensure that you get the right one that matches the assets and processes you have. [/tab] [/tabs] [button url=”” style=”green” size=”large”] Retake the Test [/button]