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Number of Channels: 14
Average SCI Score: 6/10
Average Channel Versatility: 67%
A store represents the physical presence of your brand. This may be a bricks and mortar shop on the high street, a concession in a large department store or pop-up store in a town centre.

For B2B brands the head office can be considered your store as it’s features and facilities make it an extension of your brand.

Full list of store based channels

Channel Group Direct Response Personalisable Inbound Above the Line Sealey Channel Index
Concession In Larger Store Stores Yes Yes 6
Digital Banners And Signage Stores Yes 6
Geofencing Stores Yes Yes 4
iBeacon Stores Yes Yes 4
Kiosks Stores Yes Yes 5
Loyalty Card Stores Yes 5
NFC (Near Field Communications) Stores Yes 5
Office/HQ Stores Yes 6
Pop Up Stores Stores Yes Yes Yes 7
POS Displays Stores Yes Yes 5
QR Codes Stores Yes 5
RFID Tags Stores Yes Yes 4
Signage Stores Yes Yes 5
Smells Stores 4
Stores Stores Yes Yes 7
Street Vendor Stores Yes 6