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Number of Channels: 10
Average SCI Score: 7/10
Average Channel Versatility: 1.5/4
Social networking connects people with groups of other people. This can also occur at brand level.

Typically social media channels connect real individuals with the things that they are passionate about. The network may be based on real world friendship, hobbies or professional interests. Similarly social networks is increasingly used by celebrities to engage with their fans.

Used well social networking can allow brands to create a viral impact where the initial content is shared by your network and then subsequently by the network of your network.

Full list of social channels

Channel Group Direct Response Personalisable Inbound Above the Line Sealey Channel Index
Blog/Microblog Social Yes Yes 7
Facebook Page Social Yes 7
Forums Social Yes 6
Influencer Outreach Social Yes 5
Linkedin Company Profile Social Yes 7
Linkedin Group Social Yes Yes 7
‘Member Get Member’/Recommend A Friend Social Yes 8
Peer To Peer Support Social Yes 5
Twitter Account Social Yes 7
Youtube Channel Social Yes 6