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Number of Channels: 7
Average SCI Score: 7/10
Average Channel Versatility: 72%
Mobile places computing power and communications technology into the hands of the consumer no matter where they go. Mobile phones, smartphones, mini-tablets and tablets all make up the broad range of commonly used communications devices.

Wearable technology is a new addition to the mobile channel set. Google Glass and the SmartWatch are the current leading devices although more wearable technology is expected.

Marketing to mobile devices happens in a variety of ways. Consumers can use the devices to pull information from your business or engage with the company via an app. Push messages and SMS can be broadcast to groups of customers based on certain rules or triggers.

Full list of mobile channels

Channel Group Direct Response Personalisable Inbound Above the Line Sealey Channel Index
Mobile App Mobile Yes Yes 7
Push Notifications Mobile Yes Yes 6
SMS Mobile Yes Yes 8
Tablet App Mobile Yes Yes 6
Wearable Technology Mobile Yes 6
Website Via Tablet/Mobile Mobile Yes Yes 8
Wifi Mobile Yes 5