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Number of Channels: 4
Average SCI Score: 5/10
Average Channel Versatility: 38%
Marketing through events is a powerful way to engage with interested audiences. These events include major trade shows or more specific niche audience events (breakfast briefings). Trade shows will typically require budget to pay for sponsorship, a stand and even a speaking slot at the event.

For companies with less budget there are alternatives to hosting/sponsoring events. Brand hijacks include taking over a competitor’s event with your own brand. A subtler option is to send staff to industry events with specific aims to network, build partnerships and return with leads.

Photo of a trade show
Marketing Week Live Trade Show

Full list of event channels

Channel Group Direct Response Personalisable Inbound Above the Line Sealey Channel Index
Brand Hijacks Event Yes 4
Events (Attend) Event Yes 6
Events (Host) Event Yes 7
Prizes/Exhibitions Event Yes 4