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Lego: The building blocks of next generation high street retail

Lego can only win in the new multichannel world. They have a great core product that remains as popular with kids and big kids as it did 10 years ago. Read more ›

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Sad but predictable: The demise of HMV

Tight aisles. Stacks of DVDs and CDs. Permanent discounts. When I think of HMV, this is what comes to mind. It is a retail experience I dread as an adult. As a teenage I loved it though, we would go in between lectures and browse the newly released singles that we’d heard on Radio 1. Read more ›

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Multichannel isn’t the answer for struggling retailers

Comets fall into administration highlights the challenges that classic retailers are facing. The answer – according to just about every link, event and article I see – is multichannel.

I don’t think it is. Read more ›

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