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What are the most effective conversion rate optimisation techniques?

A/B testing, multi-variate testing (MVT), customer journey analysis and usability testing are officially the most effective techniques to optimise a website’s conversion rate. Recent research by eConsultancy has shown that these techniques are delivering the highest value to digital marketers. Read more ›

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Enterprise SEO: 60% growth for BBC Good Food channel

Chris Soames at Smart Insights has shared some powerful insights on how the BBC grew their Good Food channel by 60%. Enterprise organisations can learn a lot from this article. With huge content repositories and large teams producing copy they have a real opportunity to feed the machine (or Google) and boost web traffic. Read more ›

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The value and usage of digital marketing tools

View full size digital marketing technology matrix

Key takeaways

  • CRM and web analytics are the standard for web marketers
  • Bid management technology has a good impact for minimal resource investment
  • MVT tools are underutilised and can really drive additional revenue into a business

Full post on the Capgemini blog: Digital Marketing Technology Matrix

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Is it digital, new or modern? What type of marketing should we practice?

Digital marketing.

What does it mean and has it really made all other forms of marketing irrelevant? The core principles of marketing remain the same regardless of the channel. Read more ›

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SEO results and the murky world of link buying

SEO has an issue relating to the measure of authority. Inbound links are one of the key ways Google determines a website’s authority. Complexities then exist around how much authority is passed from one domain to another and the relevancy of the link text. Read more ›

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