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Zapier as a Marketing Orchestration Platform

Zapier’s new multi-step workflows have created a simple low cost method to carry out marketing orchestration. Amazingly, despite the low entry price, Zapier (pronounced like happier with a z) is also incredibly powerful.

This is important for marketers as it provides a means to test new ideas quickly and cost effectively.

The idea is simple. An event happens, data is loaded, filters are applied and then multiple actions are triggered.

All of this is unlocked through a simple web based interface that can connect to any web-exposed service or app.

Zapier screenshot

Zapier screenshot

This includes tools like MailChimp, Twitter, Trello, Google Docs and Unbounce. Data can be enriched from a service like FullContact or even using CRM data. Transformations can be applied using built in text and number functions. If those aren’t enough, custom JavaScript can do even cooler transformations or lookups. Filters can be applied to stop the process if certain conditions aren’t met. Finally instructions and data can be quickly passed to another app or apps.

The use cases opportunities are huge and it’s a tool I’m using with Storm81 to automate elements of my marketing.

For instance, I want to add any of my MailChimp subscribers who have a large follower base to a list on Twitter. My opening trigger is a new subscriber, I then load the count of their Twitter followers by looking them up using FullContact. If they have more than 1,000 Twitter followers, I add them to a list.

The most obvious benefit I see for marketers and technologists is the ability to quickly prototype ideas that are often just talked about. Crucially, it will involve prototyping without the need for developers and database analysts.

Marketing Orchestration Platforms are something I’ve talked about in the past and I think Zapier have brought a very viable option to the table.

You can find out more about Zapier’s multi-step Zaps on their blog:

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The 4 step marketing automation health check

Let me start by declaring that I’m an advocate of marketing automation technology. Old school batch and blast marketing is failing to engage recipients as inbox sizes bloat and time is stretched.

In an ideal world marketing reaches the recipient with the right message and timing to solve an issue they have. Marketing automation (if configured correctly) can achieve this for B2B and B2C organisations.

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