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Continuing Professional Development (CPD) ideas for digital consultants

All types of business consultants need to take continuing professional development (CPD) seriously. This post contains a list of ideas that you can apply. Read more ›

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The five reasons why I joined CACI

October has been a month of change. After just over two years at Capgemini I decided to make the move to join CACI as their Head of Digital Consulting. Given that I’m quite outspoken about digital marketing and business I think it’s worth highlighting what it was that attracted me to this new the new role and organisation. Read more ›

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DBRU: Three posts for [aspiring] Digital CIOs

In response to an argument put forward that CMOs should lead the IT land-grab I commented with the following metaphor-cum-parable. Read more ›

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Retweeted by the enemy: Gaining social influence

As I stared at the Connect screen on Twitter I couldn’t quite believe the reach my blog post had received. Accenture, my employer’s number one competitor, had mentioned me and the post I’d just published with MyCustomer. Twice. Read more ›

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The Disney brothers knew how to create jobs

Roy and Walt have created 66,000 jobs in Walt Disney World Resort alone. The Walt Disney Company employs a further 90,000 across the world. Quite incredible for a company that’s less than 100 years old and was founded by just two brothers. Read more ›

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